ControlsXbox 360 GamepadKeyboard
MoveLeft StickArrow Keys
Is it recommended?YesNope!

Avoid death aboard two rickety gondolas suspended beneath a zeppelin! Enemies will try to cut your cables, destroy them before they do. Or just move the platform out of the way! Your gun has limited ammo, use it judiciously. Once a platform is gone, it's gone for good. Get a high score*! Reflecting buzzsaws gives you bonus points, and reflecting them into enemies gives you even more points!

(* High score doesn't work in Firefox. Sorry.)


Chris "Cool_Mo_D521" Mondok - Design, Code, Sound

Bill "BassguitarBill" Rossi - Code, Art, Sound

Rob "TransitiveMind" Allen - Code, Art

Miki "Knockingbird" Tharp - Art

Pixabay and Wikimedia for public-domain and CC graphics and sound